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Welcome to the official documentation for POP!

The purpose of this documentation is to provide up-to-date and official public records of all matters regarding POP!. The documentation will be continuously updated, as POP! continues to develop and push out updates.
We highly recommend that members of the POP! community keep a tab on this documentation and our social media pages, to ensure that you are always informed with the most accurate information. Please feel free to contact us on Telegram if you have any questions.
POP! is an experimental project designed to benefit all parties in the ecosystem. Given that, we've tried our best to create a safe and exciting product, and will continue to monitor all aspects of POP! to prevent any potential issues. Nevertheless, given the very nature of experimental work, undetected issues may be found and/or exploited in the smart contracts, and therefore please understand the risks of utilizing POP!.
POP! has not raised any funds in the past, and will not raise any funds in the future. Therefore, please do not fall victim to any bad actors creating fake fund raises. Given the messages above, POP! will not be held responsible in any manner for any funds lost on behalf of a POP! user - be it with the staking pools or POP! platform. By utilizing POP! you automatically acknowledge this disclaimer and accept the risks and terms of using POP!.
POP! is powered by Faculty Group, which is a collective of synergistic blockchain-native firms that provide a range of bespoke solutions to digital asset companies.
Last modified 2yr ago