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👨‍🌾 Detailed Guide

This page will provide an in-depth guide on how to use POP! from the perspective of a user who is seeking to add liquidity to their favourite MLP, either through Single-Sided LP or standard LP.

App Landing Page

To get started, please make sure you visit our official app website - Here you will find a landing page that displays the current price of POP! in the top left corner (inside the purple bubble), social media links at the bottom right, and most importantly 2 buttons labelled "Uniswap" and "Connect Wallet".
If you would like to purchase POP! tokens, then please click on the "Uniswap" button, and it will take you directly to the Uniswap page where you can purchase POP! tokens.
If you would like to access the POP! App, then please click on the "Connect Wallet" button.

Connect Wallet

After clicking on "Connect Wallet", you will encounter a page as displayed below. Connect by using your preferred wallet.

POP! Marketplace

After connecting your wallet, you will be directed to the POP! Marketplace, as seen below. On this page you will find all the current MLPs that are live on POP! To participate in any MLP, simply click on the card. This will direct you to the MLP Marketplace of that particular MLP. Note: The values shown in the image below are simply for demonstration purposes. In this particular case, there is one POP!/ETH MLP available for farming.

MLP Marketplace (Single-Sided Liquidity Provision)

After clicking on one of the MLP cards, you will enter that specific MLP Marketplace where liquidity offers can be Made and Taken. Those looking to create an offer, simply input the necessary information on the the right (Make Offer Tab). Similarly, those looking to take an offer which is currently available on the marketplace, simply click on thePOP IT! button for your preferred order. This can be seen below. Note: The values depicted in the image below are purely for demonstration purposes.

Farming with the LP Tokens

Should you choose to participate in both sides of an MLP, you can do this by opening the MLP Marketplace (for your desired pair), and clicking on the "Farm" button found at the bottom of your screen. This will direct you to the page seen below. In this particular case, it is for the POP! / ETH pool, and therefore all subsequent description will be based on POP! and ETH. The same logic applies for any other MLP.
In order to participate in the farm, you will need to acquire LP tokens. To do so, please click on the "Add Liquidity on Uniswap" button found at the bottom of the page. This will direct you to Uniswap, as shown in the next image.
Once on the Uniswap Liquidity Providing page, you will see a display similar to what's shown below. In order to acquire the LP tokens, simply add the amount of POP! and ETH that you would like to provide to the LP. It's important to remember that in order to partake in the LP, you need to provide a ratio of 1:1 of both assets (POP! and ETH).
If you are participating in the POP!/ETH LP, and you have 50 POP! tokens, then you would need to provide an equal $ amount of ETH. Assuming POP! is valued at 1$, this would mean providing 50$ of ETH.
After adding your liquidity, you will receive LP tokens in exchange. If at a later stage you choose to remove your liquidity, simply revisit the POP!/ETH Uniswap LP page and remove your liquidity.
Once you've received your LP tokens, they will be shown under the "LP Balance" tab, and you will be ready to stake and farm with those LP tokens! To start, simply click on the "Farm" button and stake your LP tokens. Once completed, you will be farming rewards in the form of POP! tokens! These rewards are claimable at any point in time while farming.
If you would like to stop farming, simply click on the "Unstake" button and remove your staked LP.