What is POP!?

POP! stands for Proof of Partnership, and it is a project that has been designed with the goal of benefiting both the teams and token holders throughout the digital asset market. We believe that POP! targets rather serious issues in the market, and provides attractive, yet simple, solutions.

What are the issues POP! aims to solve?

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    A significant factor that drives the market are partnerships. However, an investor’s complicated task is to determine if those partnerships are genuine and have substance, or if they are merely a marketing scheme, with no serious commitment. This is generally a challenging feat because an investor may do significant due diligence, by speaking directly to the teams, thoroughly studying both projects, and discussing with other community members; yet once all this effort and time has been spent, the final and most critical step consists of taking a leap-of-faith and trusting that both projects are indeed nourishing this partnership.
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    Another common scenario in the market consists of investors hoarding various tokens, without the intention of selling in the near future, yet are not willing to participate in any pools due to the fear of rug pulls, unsecure smart contracts and unlimited impermanent loss (IL). While holding may not inherently be an issue, one should always consider the opportunity cost of holding without reaping any farming rewards on their idle assets.

How does POP! intend on solving these issues?

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    POP! allows projects to objectively display mutual trust and commitment to each other, by locking their respective tokens together and creating a trustless Mutual Liquidity Pool (MLP). By doing so, both partners send a strong message of credibility and responsibility towards their communities, and simultaneously increase their DEX liquidity size. Essentially, utilizing POP! will serve as an opportunity for partners to provide more measurable transparency and engagement towards their communities, by simply putting their money where their mouth is.
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    POP! allows users to securely and conveniently provide single-sided liquidity to an MLP by matching their liquidity with another user, thereby becoming partnered farmers. At the end of the liquidity matching period, POP! will always aim to return the original number of tokens initially deposited by the users, regardless of the dollar value, thereby mitigating IL. Furthermore, given MLPs require teams to lock up their joint liquidity, rug-pulling is completely avoided.