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The two figures below outline how the POP! token is distributed. These values are subject to change once POP! is governed by the DAO, which in theory could propose a change to the distribution. Click on the pictures to see an enlarged version.
While the graphs are quite accurate in their representation, it may be tricky to read the values directly off the charts. To make it simpler to follow, the table below presents a numerically accurate solution. The first row denoted as Genesis, consists of a 10 days staking period, where 1M POP! tokens are distributed to those staking on the Genesis Pools. Furthermore, 222,222 POP! tokens are also released under the Dev Wallet, however, these tokens are being directly used for bootstrapping liquidity for the POP!/ETH pair on Uniswap. Once this is complete, the remaining POP! distribution will begin starting from M0 which marks the end of the Genesis period. Since the distribution occurs linearly, extrapolation can be calculated easily using calculators like this one.
Please keep in mind, the table below shows the total amount of tokens circulating at each period, and NOT the amount released at each period. This means, for the row "start of M0", there will be 1,222,222 POP! tokens circulating at the beginning of month 0,while for the row "end of M3", there will be approx. 9.8M POP! tokens circulating. This mean throughout month 0 and month 9, there is a steady and linear release of 8,590,278 POP! tokens.